Trash Pickup Information

PLEASE NOTE: Do not store trash and recycling containers anywhere in the front of your house, including the porch, or in common areas at the side or back of your house.

Contact Info The phone number for Champion Services Waste and Recycle (703) 239-8540. If your trash or recyclables are not picked up on schedule please call Champion.
WhenTrash pickup is on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Recycle pickup is on Fridays.
Place trash outside by 6 am, but not before 6 pm the night before. Please remove the bins by the next morning.

Trash and recyclables will be collected on all holidays except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day. When a designated pickup day falls on one of these holidays, uncollected trash or recyclables will be removed on the next regularly scheduled pickup day. A special pick up day may also be designated.
Trash Cans/ Bags Trash should be tied in plastic bags or enclosed in standard trash cans. Trash bags or containers shall not exceed 50 lbs. per bag or container.
Yard DebrisPlace yard debris in plastic bags like normal trash. Yard debris includes grass clippings, leaves, pumpkins, and any vegetation.
BrushCompost or mulch whenever possible. Separately collect the brush part of yard debris such as branches and small tree stumps. Cut the brush into four foot lengths with limbs no larger that six inches in diameter. Tie into bundles no larger that two feet in diameter and place the bundles on the curb. A handling charge will be assessed to a homeowner who places more that five bundles of brush on the curb for any single pickup.
Christmas trees Christmas trees will be collected separately the first two weeks of January. All tinsel and ornaments must be removed from the tree. Please do not place trees in bags. trees must be placed at the curb prior to 6 a.m.
Bulk Pickup

Prior notice (3 business days) is requested when any large items are to be disposed. Contact Champion at (703) 239-8540. Bulk items are limited to to burnable items (non-toxic/non-hazardous waste) and is picked up at an additional charge. Items cannot exceed 36”x30”x30.

PROHIBITED BULK ITEMS: Recyclables, yard debris, hazardous waste, rocks, dirt, construction materials, tires, and masonry materials.

Recycling Guide

WhenRecycle pickup is on Fridays. All recyclables must be at the curb between 6 pm the night before collection and 6 am the day of collection.
HowPlace recyclable material in the blue bins provided by Champion. Please rinse out containers before recycling. Each individual bag or container must weigh 50 lbs or less.

Bundle your newspapers and magazines in paper bags or tie securely with strong twine. Do not use plastic bags. Magazines and glossy inserts are accepted. Junk mail and phone books are also accepted.

NOT ACCEPTED: Plastic bags used when delivering papers, pizza boxes, waxed cardboard, paper with food debris residue


Both aluminum and metal food cans are acceptable. Rinse out all food residue. These can be co-mingled with glass and plastic.

NOT ACCEPTED: Propane tanks, pots, pans, aluminum foil, aluminum furniture or siding.


Please remove the caps and lids and rinse bottles (no need to remove labels). You can co-mingle all glass types with cans and plastic! No need to separate.

NOT ACCEPTED: Ceramic, pottery, broken glass, drinking glasses/cups, plates, cookware, light bulbs, window glass, mirrors.


Champion accepts all plastic containers.  They must be rinsed and lid-free. Examples include soft drink bottles milk jugs and detergent bottles. You can co-mingle all plastic with cans and glass.

NOT ACCEPTED: plastic bags or wrap, insecticide or automotive fluid bottles, microwave containers

Note that you can recycle your plastic bags at any of the area grocery stores.